Developing a wide range of products would be challenging, after few months of researching and developing same samples, this month we manage to come up with the Delta product lines.

Introducing our Delta Bloodline bags and accessories. Delta lines consist of :

1. Delta Massenger MD

2. Delta Massenger SM

3. Delta Massenger XS

4. Delta Pouch MD Type A

5. Delta Pouch SM Type A

6. Delta Pouch MD Type B

7. Delta Pouch SM Type B1/B2

8. Delta Phone Sleeve.

9. Delta Leg Rig SV

10. Delta Leg Rig DV

11. Delta Wallet

11. Delta Carabiner.

12. Delta Strap ADV

Delta Massenger MD

Delta Massenger SM

Delta Massenger XS

Delta Pouch MD Type A

Delta Pouch SM Type A

Delta Pouch MD Type B

Delta Pouch SM Type B/B1

Delta Pouch SM Type B/B2

Delta Phone Sleeve

Delta Leg Rig SV/DV

Delta Wallet

For more information regarding the products available on the products description.

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